What are the costs for selling your house?

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Selling your house initially results in a significant amount of money. However, there are also costs involved. The most well-known example of these costs is the real estate agent's fees. Still, there are more expenses to consider. For instance, if your property doesn't have an energy label, there are expenses associated with obtaining one. Additionally, preparing your house for viewings can cost money if you aim to make your property as appealing as possible. Furthermore, canceling your mortgage can be a potential cost when selling a house. These costs are less common but just as significant if they apply to your situation. This article will examine all potential expenses you may encounter when selling your house.

What is the real estate agent's fee?

When you hire a real estate agent to help you sell your house, various costs come into play. In most cases, real estate agents charge a commission. Commission is the fee the agent charges for their services. The exact amount varies from one agent to another but usually around 1.5% - 2% of the property's selling price. The commission is only billed after the house sale is completed. In addition to the commission, a real estate agent may also charge extra costs. These costs are referred to as startup fees and cover various marketing-related expenses. Examples include listing the property on platforms like Funda, putting up "for sale" signs in the garden or on windows, costs associated with advertisements, and expenses incurred in the process of taking photos. Since these costs can vary widely, it's advisable to ask the agent for a preliminary estimate beforehand. It's also important to inquire about the price with or without VAT, as the amount including or excluding VAT can make a significant difference, potentially leading to unpleasant surprises later.

What costs can you save when selling without a real estate agent?

The expenses associated with a real estate agent are often substantial. Consequently, more people are opting for an active role in selling their homes. Many tasks that a real estate agent performs, or arranges, can be carried out by the homeowner. This approach can lead to substantial cost savings. Some tasks that you can handle on your own include:

- Taking photographs of the property;
- Conducting property viewings;
- Determining the selling price;
- Negotiating the selling price;
- Promoting the property.

Costs for preparing your property for sale

Several features suggest that there's room for negotiation when it comes to a property's selling price. Based on the research from the previous section, you now have plenty of information that you can use for negotiation. The following aspects can help you determine whether there's room for negotiation:

Costs for obtaining an energy label

If your property doesn't already have an energy label, getting one is another expense to consider. Since 2015, having an energy label has been mandatory. This regulation was implemented to encourage homeowners to make their homes more energy-efficient. The label serves as a means to demonstrate how energy-efficient your property is. Acquiring an energy label also involves costs. The amount varies depending on your property. The cost depends on the time an advisor spends evaluating your property. So, if you have a larger property, you'll spend more on obtaining an energy label, as the advisor will require more time to assess your home. If you sell your property without an energy label, you risk receiving a fine, which can amount to several hundred euros.

Costs for canceling your mortgage

Canceling your mortgage is another step in the selling process that comes with its own set of costs. If you've paid off your mortgage in full, you must cancel the mortgage registration in the Land Registry. This is a mandatory step when selling a house. Canceling the mortgage registration is a task performed by the notary. The notary prepares a deed of discharge for this purpose, which is then submitted to the Land Registry. This action removes the mortgage registration, including the mortgage deed drawn up when you purchased the property. The costs for canceling your mortgage typically amount to several hundred euros and depend on the notary's time and rates.

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