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The house is sold fast, for the best price and for free

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For whom?

For who is HuisHunters a good solution? In fact, selling via HuisHunters is ideal for all sellers who want to sell their houses fast and for free. For example when you:

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The advantages

  • No realtor fee
  • No stress
  • Transferdate upon your wishes
  • Sold quickly
  • Nationally active in the Netherlands
  • Sale and rent back options
  • Houses in all conditions
  • Sell with certainty


what customers say about HuisHunters:

‘We are very satisfied with the professionalism of HuisHunters’
Seller from Rotterdam

‘’We didn't want to clean the house for the viewings and we didn't want to sell it through Funda. That is how we ended up at HuisHunters. We have experienced it as very pleasant. We definitely recommend it!’’

‘It’s really completely free!’
Seller from Nijmegen

‘’Selling ​​your home for free, it's really possible! We are happy with the service of house hunters. fast, professional, short lines and nice contact. We have a good feeling about it.’’

‘No need for dozens of house viewings’
Seller from Enschede

‘’With a newborn child, we did not like having many people over. With HuisHunters it was possible to sell the house without any house viewings. Within a few days a candidate had bought the house based on the photos. Very nice that it is possible!’’

‘Sell and rent back was the solution for our divorce’’
Seller from Vlaardingen

‘’After a divorce it is difficult to determine what to do with the house. Especially if you can't buy each other out. The house should normally have to be sold, but now my ex-partner was able to rent the house back for two years. I could look for another home and she could stay in the house. Great job, HuisHunters!’’

‘Sold quickly and without any hassle. Absolutely great!’
Seller from Sneek

‘’After I decided to emigrate I wanted to sell my house without hassle and without paying thousands of euros for a real estate agent. I think the sale went perfectly. Highly recommended!’’

‘We are very happy with HuisHunters’’
Seller from Sliedrecht

‘’Our house had to be sold quickly, because we had bought a new build property. Another buyer had dropped out last minute, so we were suddenly the buyers. For financing it was more convenient to have sold the house in advance. We are now renting the house back for 4 months until the new house is ready!’’

‘Sell and rent back is recommended’
Seller from Heerlen

‘’I was in a difficult situation where I couldn't really go on. I sold the house and now I’m renting it back, so that I can look for a house to live with my new girlfriend. Everything went smoothly and the contact with HuisHunters was very pleasant.’’

‘Sold within no time’
Seller from Alkmaar

‘’I decided to sell the property after more than 10 years of renting out. You cannot sell a rented home through a regular real estate agent. HuisHunters had already found a buyer for the house on the same day. After two weeks I already had the money in my bank account. Thanks guys!’’

‘Selling without Funda avoids a lot of stress’
Seller from Schiedam

‘’We were made aware of this way of selling through friends. After they sold their home through HuisHunters, we also contacted them. We experienced no stress at all during the whole process. A good solution for those who want to sell stress-free.’’

‘Portfolio sold’
Seller from Vlissingen

‘’Sold my entire portfolio in Vlissingen through HuisHunters. They have a good network, so everything has been taken over in its entirety by an investor. It's nice doing business with HuisHunters.’’

About us

Nice to meet you, we are HuisHunters. A young and dynamic real estate company that specializes in mediating in the sale of houses in the Netherlands. We sell houses in all states: from turnkey to renovation houses. Our goal is a good and fast sale! Moreover, we take care of the sale completely free of charge.

We don’t do slow and old-fashioned realtor work such as offering a home on Funda. With an innovative and fresh look at the market we offer an alternative sales method. A traditional sales process takes a lot of time and is often expensive. In our opinion a traditional sales process is unnecessary. Selling a home can be done fast, efficiently and for free.

Originally we come from the traditional realtor industry. As a result we know the market very well but we also realized that it was time for a different way of selling. Our daily job is to bring together supply and demand. We always go for the best deal for our customers.

Frequently asked questions

Selling via HuisHunters is really free of charge. That is because we charge costs to the buyer of the house. That is the reason why we can sell your house for free. As a seller you receive the full purchase price and you do not have to pay thousands of euros to a realtor.
We charge costs to the buyer of the house. This makes selling a home completely free of charge. We therefore charge brokerage costs to the buyer and not to the seller. As a seller you can save thousands of euros in costs that you normally pay to the real estate agent.
Our service includes drawing up the purchase agreement. The model we use has been established by the NVM. That’s the corporation for real estate agents in the Netherlands.
The principle is the same but at HuisHunters the sales process is much faster and completely free. The purchase agreement will be drawn up after there is an agreement between seller and buyer. It will be signed after approval of both parties. After signing the agreement an appointment is made at the notary for the final transfer.
We determine the selling price together with the seller. After that we offer the property within our network for the determined price. The house is sold when there is a candidate who wants to buy the property for the determined price. So in principle there will be no overbidding.
The seller determines the asking price. In a conversation we will come to a suitable asking price. The property will be offered if both parties agree with the price. The price is then fixed and the house is sold if there is a candidate who wants to pay the determined price.
Selling via Funda is a long process in which the property is visible to everyone. There are several reasons why you would want to sell your property without Funda. Like wanting to sell fast, free and stress free. There are not many house viewings if you sell without Funda. Sometimes a property isn’t suitable for Funda as well. This way of selling is increasingly popular.
There are a number of documents that you must provide for the sale of your house. These are the documents you must submit: