Tips for selling your house

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Selling your home involves a lot of considerations and is undoubtedly a significant decision. It's beneficial to be well-informed about what to focus on when selling your house. In this article, we will share ten helpful tips for when you're about to sell your home. Make sure you're fully prepared for the sale!

  1. Clean up
    Ensure that your home is tidy and store as many items as possible elsewhere. A cleaned up house conveys a sense of calm and showcases the available space. This is also a great opportunity to get rid of unnecessary items, which will save you time during the move.
  2. Remove personal items
    Primarily, this relates to personal photos and other personal items. Paintings and artworks can remain. Remove as many personal items as possible that don't contribute to the overall ambiance of the house.
  3. Address maintenance issues
    While it may seem obvious that your home's maintenance should be in order, it's common for some issues to be overlooked. These are often the first things potential buyers notice when viewing a property. Ensure the paintwork is impeccable, fix any leaking faucets, and replace any missing roof tiles.
  4. Make smart investments
    Major investments just before selling aren't usually advisable, as they often don't guarantee a better sale. Examples include remodeling the kitchen or bathroom, as these are highly dependent on personal taste. Instead, consider investing in interior and exterior painting, roof repairs, or your central heating system.
  5. Maximize natural light
    Aim to make your home as light as possible for photos and viewings. Take photos on a sunny day, open all curtains fully, clear window sills, and allow as much natural light as possible.
  6. Tidy outdoor spaces
    Whether you have a garden, balcony, or rooftop terrace, it's crucial to ensure these areas look inviting and well-maintained. This can be achieved by adding cushions to outdoor furniture, potted plants, and clearing any weeds or debris.
  7. Use professional photography
    High-quality photos are essential for attracting potential buyers. Your images should offer an accurate representation of your home. Avoid the use of wide-angle lenses that may make rooms appear larger than they are.
  8. Scheduled viewings
    It's important to give enough time to explore the entire property. A rushed viewing can leave a negative impression. Buying a house is a significant investment, and potential buyers need the opportunity to inspect the home thoroughly and ask questions.
  9. Use a solid purchase agreement
    The purchase agreement contains all the arrangements between the buyer and seller and is a legally binding document. Ensure that you have a well-drafted purchase agreement prepared by your real estate agent, broker, or notary.
  10. Explore different sales methods
    Today, there are several ways to sell your house. You can employ a real estate agent, sell it without an agent, or even use methods that allow you to sell your home for free. Research which approach aligns best with your needs. HuisHunters can help you with that.

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